Picogrid announces $12M funding round.
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The Unified Platform for Autonomous Systems

Platform Overview

Engineering the Connected Future

Picogrid builds a unified data integration layer that connects fragmented sensors, cameras, and autonomous systems, backed by a suite of native hardware platforms.

American made, owned, and operated.

The Mission Autonomy Stack

Command and Control

Artificial intelligence and experienced human operators respond to emerging threats within seconds, controlling millions of devices across the globe with a single click.

Unified Data Exchange

Securely route data and commands between millions of distributed systems, AI algorithms, and human operators in real time, no matter the manufacturer.

End Effects

Swappable sensors, cameras, and autonomous systems deployed at scale achieve powerful mission outcomes from force protection to wildfire monitoring.


The Ultimate Mission Platform

Leverage a growing list of integrations with leading hardware and software capability providers to respond to evolving mission needs.

Add, swap, and configure best-in-class capabilities within seconds to stay focused on the mission.

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Hardware Platforms

Deploy sensors, cameras, and other autonomous systems with built-in connectivity, compute, and power.

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