Introducing the Picogrid Lander

The World's Most Powerful Field Terminal

Built for the remote world.

 Monitor sensors and control equipment deployed where you need it most.

Custom sensors or equipment needed for your mission? No problem.
Built-in solar power and satellite broadband enable truly global reach.
Customizable edge processing and analytics backed by a powerful cloud platform.

Made in America.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in California.

Deploy In Hours, Monitor For Years

Resilient and Scalable.

 Built-in solar power and satellite broadband enable ground-based monitoring where never before possible.

Approved for AWS GovCloud for highly sensitive U.S. Government data.

Recent Configurations

Ground Surveillance

Vehicle and person detection with alerts dispatched within seconds to relevant security teams

Wildfire Monitoring

Integration into existing wildfire monitoring software to expand monitoring to new remote areas

Environmental Compliance

Automated detection and classification of protected species for conservation

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