Introducing Orion

AI-Powered Field Operations Platform

The future of fieldwork.

  Digitally patrol your range with live and historical data.

AI-powered data processing, visualizations, and alerts so you're always up to date.
Securely control equipment deployed with Picogrid Lander field terminals.
Personally customize alerts and coordinate event response within seconds.

Force Multiplier

Autonomous Detection.

 Built-in artificial intelligence classifies events and alerts relevant teams only when necessary.

Picogrid would have been a powerful capability on deployment.
U.S. Army Special Forces

Infinitely Scalable

Ready for any mission.

 Backed by limitless cloud processing and storage, Orion scales from individual sites to tens of thousands of sensors with ease.

Approved for AWS GovCloud for highly sensitive U.S. Government data.

Common Use Cases

Security, Patrols, and Inspections

Automatic alerts so field personnel can spend their time responding to events, not searching for them

Operational Automation & Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate across organizations with a single source of truth for live and historical activity across a sector

Environmental Monitoring & Wildlife Surveys

Combine cameras with other ground-based sensors to track the long term health of species of concern

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