Picogrid announces $12M funding round.
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Picogrid Technology Supporting Nuclear Energy Infrastructure

Clean energy is imperative for a sustainable future. Nuclear energy, known for its high power output and minimal carbon footprint, stands at the forefront of this mission.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is acutely aware of the transformative potential offered by newer and more compact nuclear reactors. However, the road to their mass adoption has a number of hurdles. Chief among them are the significant security costs.

The solution lies in rethinking the security paradigm: using technology, cutting down costs, and strengthening ties with local law enforcement. This strategic move could drastically reduce the need for constant on-site security personnel.

In response to these nuclear reactor security challenges and the consequential costs, Picogrid has forged a partnership with the DOE. This alliance, beginning with a $200,000 contract, aspires to build a cutting-edge software platform. The goal? To reimagine the security of nuclear deployments by blending advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and streamlined command systems.

At the heart of Picogrid's offerings is a unique platform designed to facilitate seamless coordination between diverse nuclear systems. Widely adopted across the public sector, our systems adeptly bridge the gap between sensors, infrastructure, and processes, fostering improved collaboration. This adaptability ensures that teams, whether from the public sector or large enterprises, can meet their objectives both swiftly and securely.

The tech landscape today sees startups like Picogrid leading the charge against climate challenges. Our agility and unwavering commitment are crafting swift solutions to significant environmental challenges. These efforts are amplified by our collaborations with the public sector, cementing the startup world's role in sculpting a sustainable future.

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