Picogrid wins $950M Pentagon contract.
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Helios Unveiled at Army’s Military Police Conference

Today, Picogrid took the wraps off its latest innovation: Helios. This state-of-the-art hardware will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Military Police Regimental Association DLEI Conference at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Contained within a single, man-portable hard-shell case, Helios is a rapidly deployable platform that integrates high-bandwidth multi-network communications, onboard computing, and sensor capabilities. Helios is engineered specifically for the unique challenges associated with remote operations, a timely solution relevant for areas like the Pacific Island Chains.

Helios is a force multiplier for MPs, Defenders, and deployed forces in the Pacific.

"Helios is a force multiplier for MPs, Defenders, and deployed forces. The users can connect ISR sensors and mobile devices to DoD networks within minutes anywhere in the world. It is smaller than an airline carry-on and contains 24 hours of battery backup and solar," said Tony Lugo, Picogrid’s Director of Government Solutions. 

This new product comes on the heels of Picogrid's recent $950 million contract win for the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative. 

Notable features of Helios Include:

  • An onboard battery with 24-hour backup, extendable indefinitely through a solar array
  • Global high-bandwidth satellite communications with configurable multi-network options
  • A quad-core CPU optimized for edge computing tasks
  • Quick deployment, allowing for real-time data streaming and PACE plan support

In its surveillance configuration, Helios functions as a comprehensive force protection system. Utilizing sensors and AI technology, it can rapidly establish a 360-degree security perimeter. Beyond security applications, Helios allows users to connect to the Internet and military SIPR/NIPR networks and perform their day-to-day duties. It addresses Petagon’s priority for “doing more with less equipment,” known in the Air Force as the Multi-Capable Airmen concept.

Picogrid Helios is a rapidly deployable comms and sensor platform packed in a single case

Early feedback from military users shows the adaptability of Helios. "The system is invaluable in operational theaters like the Indo-Pacific, where logistical and manpower considerations are crucial," commented an early military tester.

Commercial users have found Helios to be equally indispensable. "With its built-in SATCOM capabilities, Helios enabled me to maintain seamless communication with my work team and family, even in the most remote locations," said a commercial beta tester.

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