Picogrid announces $12M funding round.
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Picogrid Partners with Distributed Spectrum, Securing an Air Force Contract

Our team is thrilled to announce a partnership with New York-based Distributed Spectrum and a joint Air Force contract awarded earlier this year.

Distributed Spectrum’s RF Vision platform enables any warfighter to quickly sense and adapt to threats in the radio spectrum. RF Vision combines edge processing with software-defined radios to deliver an interoperable and completely automated spectrum intelligence system.

Picogrid Platform will allow the Air Force and other Services to field Distributed Spectrum’s radio surveillance and electronic warfare capabilities. Helios, in particular, will allow Multi-Capable Airmen and their teammates from other Services to rapidly employ this technology in tactical settings.

Tony Lugo, the Head of Government Solutions at Picogrid, said, "By collaborating with Distributed Spectrum, we're offering the Department of Defense efficient RF spectrum awareness. Understanding the radio spectrum is vital across domains from land to space, enhancing our military capabilities."

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