The Future of C5ISR

Joint Operations Center operators monitoring incoming data aboard USS Mount Whitney. 2005. Credit: U.S. Navy
C5ISR technologies enable organizations to effectively identify and respond to events. With AI and cloud technologies, modern C5ISR is putting intelligence directly into the hands of personnel on the front lines.

What is C5ISR?

C5ISR stands for command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The goal of C5ISR technologies is to enhance domain awareness. With comprehensive live domain awareness complemented by historical trends, individuals are better equipped to respond to events in real time.

Historically, C5ISR technologies required centralized control rooms with expert operators. Operators monitored vast quantities of data to identify anomalies and uncover abnormal trends before contacting field personnel to respond. This approach to monitoring vast areas and critical infrastructure leads to poor detection rates and even worse response times.

Air and Space Operations Center, a centralized C5ISR command center. Credit: U.S. Air Force

Modernization of C5ISR

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and cloud technologies enable a new generation of C5ISR. Advanced artificial intelligence can continuously sift through massive quantities of data and identify trends that humans operators are historically unlikely to notice. When events are detected, alerts are dispatched within seconds to field teams. Secure cloud technologies put the data directly into the hands of field teams, enabling a much more effective and safe response.

Screenshot of Picogrid Orion cloud-based C5ISR platform, which is accessible on any computer, tablet, or smart phone via a web browser. Orion enables digital patrols over vast areas and puts data directly into the hands of those responsible with event response. Credit: Picogrid

On July 17, 2021, a Picogrid Lander remote sensor terminal deployed at a remote U.S. Air Force facility identified a large group of likely drug smugglers in a live-fire training range. The group went undetected by routine security patrols, but within seconds Picogrid's AI-enabled systems automatically classified the event and escalated the data directly to field teams via Picogrid's Orion cloud-based C5ISR platform. With this information accessible on mobile devices in the field, personnel are able to respond in real time and more effectively secure the range.

Photo of likely drug smugglers captured by Picogrid Lander technology at a remote U.S. Air Force base. July 17, 2021. Credit: Picogrid/U.S. Air Force

C5ISR technology is undergoing a radical transformation which promises to improve detection rates and reduce response times. With improved domain awareness, field teams are able to more effectively and safely respond to events across vast areas. With AI, command centers can process far more information than ever before and operators can focus on directing effective event responses, not identifying disparate trends.

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