Protecting California's Forests From Wildfires

Wildfires are a persistent and growing threat across the world. The Western United States is one of the regions hardest hit with the economic impact of California's 2018 wildfires totaling $148.5B.

The cost of wildfires extends for years beyond the end of the fire itself including excessive carbon emissions, loss of tourism, and destruction of homes and businesses. Supply chains are particularly vulnerable with businesses far removed from site of wildfire damage often feeling the affects for many years.

As the damage caused by wildfires continues to grow every year, it is clear that we must act now. Active forest management techniques are re-emerging to support healthy natural fire cycles, but we must be prepared for wildfires outside of these areas as well.

Image from a Picogrid Lander terminal deployed in Mendocino County, CA with smoke from nearby wildfires. September 2, 2021.

Picogrid is working with one of the largest wildfire monitoring networks in the US to help monitor remote forests in Northern California. Our technology helps fire crews more quickly spot wildfires and identify their location to more quickly mobilize firefighting forces.

The sooner that fire crews mobilize to combat a wildfire, the more likely they will be to put it out before it grows too large to be contained. If a fire can be extinguished while it is still small, it requires far fewer resources to combat and it will cause far less damage.

As a California-based company, we are personally affected by the ongoing wildfire crisis and we're eager to do what we can to help combat it.

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