Enabling Domain Awareness In Austere Environments

Maintaining eyes-on-the-ground coverage over vast areas is exceptionally difficult.

Especially in austere environments, maintaining a human presence is dangerous, costly, and often ineffective. Extreme weather, hostile forces, and dangerous wildlife make persistent domain awareness impossible in these areas.

In the Sonoran Desert, for example, daytime highs routinely exceed 104°F (48°C) during the summer months and strong monsoon rains can make roads impassable for days. For many years, personnel in Arizona's Sonoran Desert would periodically retrieve data cards from cameras and other sensors deployed throughout the desert. Often field teams would arrive to find their sensors destroyed or missing, losing months of data in the process.

For the first time, Picogrid technology makes it possible to maintain effective, ground-based domain awareness throughout areas like this. Our technology uses solar power and high bandwidth satellite communications, which enable deployment anywhere regardless of existing power or communications infrastructure.

With Picogrid technology, the field teams operating in the Sonoran Desert are able to view live and historical activity at Picogrid-monitored sites. With our technology, these field teams have identified multiple illegal trespassing incidents, vehicle traffic in restricted areas, and even discovered a new population of a federally listed endangered species.

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