Supporting Military Base Security and Operations

Remote military bases and training ranges are typically patrolled manually. This method quickly becomes ineffective for large military installations or in austere environments where regular manual patrols are simply infeasible. Manual patrols are only able to cover limited ground at any given time. In effect, thousands of square miles of sensitive military and government lands go unguarded most of the time in the US.

Picogrid is working with one of the largest military training ranges in the US to support ongoing operational tasks including range security to make their existing field teams more effective. Our Picogrid Lander terminals continuously monitor select sites across the range, allowing field teams to remotely inspect these sites in real-time.

"Person Detected" event captured by a Picogrid Lander terminal.

Our Orion cloud data platform goes one step further: built-in artificial intelligence alerts field teams to relevant events including people or vehicles. Field personnel can configure highly specific event alert rules based on time, location, and event type, which allows them to focus on responding to events, not patrolling for them.

"Vehicle Detected" alert captured by a Picogrid Lander terminal.

Within two months of installation, Picogrid's technology detected four illegal trespassing events that had slipped through ongoing security patrols, identified previously undetected vehicle traffic in a restricted area, and reduced the cost to monitor these areas around the clock by 85%.

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